Forgive and Forget~

Hi all,I dont know if I should do this..
Sedih kot ilang sorang kawan.[siyes ni bukan ngada2,aku kenal lama ke kenal kejap  ke-kawan tetap kawan]Aku bukan la jahat sgt.At least I was brave enough to say sorry.
Regardless its appreciated ke tak.Takpe la.Hey its not my first time too.
Yep emotional.Sukati la.

I should be tough ignorance.Ignorance among ignorance.Ouh good.I've learnt my lesson.Thx teacher!

Not expecting anything from you.But at least,dont mind seems too harsh for me.Or mmg kau nak it happens
this way. Right,enough said.Thanx a lot!

Kenapa mesti ended up dgn cara tak best.At least you can simply confront me and say it rite into my face
'Hey,aku tak suke kawan ngan kau.Ko tak cool enough'.Its much better that way..
I can take that.

[I appreciate friend-i dont stab them]

I forgive you..and will forget you..


aku rase sedih kot.terasa mcm ade org sengaja nak sakitkan ati ke,or nak kutuk dlm samar ke.
haihh aku pon tatau ar.lantak la korang asal korg bahagia.aku tak rugi ape pon.i still drive the same white harrier.
o ya,i'm moving in to a new house worth rm450k.kau? pathetic~

kalo korg niat tak baik,teruskan la teruskan.nnt jumpe kat atas,aku kutip pahala aku k.
good luck~

In My Elements;Nazz

Thats how I always end up my writing to someone.Regardless its digitally sent or traditionally written on papers,to friends or love ones.I just wanna make sure that I've highlighted whatever I wrote,those were just some of my elements.Its me,being me.So they understand.So that they will understand I was not being hypocrite.I'm trying to tell the truth,sincere and precisely no double meaning.

That's me.If Judiene can tell the world how complicated being himself.Trust me,I am a lot worst than that haha.
Yes I'm a huge emotional creature.I'm elastic kot.Aku gile kot.I think its the tonnes of hormones which are busy working in my body caused this!Dont blame me.Tiba tiba boleh marah,tiba tiba boleh baik.But most of the time I'm trying to be very understanding.I dont know if that wont be good enough. 

I dont feel comfortable with someone rite now.But I just cant say it.
I just dont know. 

[ I dont feel like talking or confront with anyone I'm mad at,coz I know its gonna be damn harsh.I know.
  So,its better to be left unspoken.I chose to dream with it.Mad I know-thats me,mad]

In my elements;Nazz


::I fall for the tea drinkers::

They made me crazy over cooking,baking or whatever u can call for a process of getting food to eat.
They have the same thinking on getting foods from the scratch is the best for everybody.
Yes I adore them.I would rather watch them rambling while having the hot pan on the stove preparing simple yet scrumptious dish rather than spending my time on cheap soap-opera series.

I love the ascent kot.Think it makes their talk sound sexier huhu.[For girls only]Try to visualize a man with a
flipper and hot pan.Gosh thats damn gorgeous ok hahaha.Man with kitchen skill is A gred.Breakfast in bed is like dream comes true ar hik hik hik~

Meet my first crush ~ Jamie Oliver.[straight hair-so my type,rock style-of coz he's a drummer,love music and funny]

Then,I get bored with him coz he always give on recipes without exact measurement.sume agak agak.
Aku dah la bodoh,kena kasi aku exact ikut buku baru la confident nak try kan.So I dumped him [cehh bajet bagus]

I didn't take quite a long time to find for a replacement.
Then I met a new guy~ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal [curly hair-i surprise myself coz i usually hate curlies,specky-well obviously look smarter+mature,and he is damn fucking full of knowledge - you see,smart guy is always sexy to me haha]

I like his approaches,to animals,to nature.And frankly.From him I've learnt even more to have a good and healthy meal on plate.And he really made me understand on major differences of food made from scratch and fast food.

I envy his soothing environment with warm and helpful people around him.What a good life.
I am stil his big fan.I always try to make sure that I'll be available to spend time with him on River's Cottage.
To spend time with him is always precious to me ^_^
I just finished my meeting with him.
Now I can get in the sack peacefully with a smile on my face :) [gile freak,syok sendri]

Misi yg selesai dan yg gagal

Entry kali ni,aku try utk berbahasa melayu sebyk mungkin.Sumpah entry ni akan berbunyi sgt skema gile.Tapi,ape neraka.Ade aku kesah?Memandangkan aku bengong tahap cipan dengan kesibukan yg melanda,aku cube uraikan keserabutan otak aku kat entry ni.Harap maklum dengan bait bait ayat yang agak jiwa jiwa.Jujur,aku tertekan.

Aku tak cukup mase.Aku perlu lebih dr 24/7.Wardrobe aku dah porak poranda,dapo lintang pukang.Living area,aku lalu lalang je masuk umah terus naik bilik.Bangun tido siap2 terus keluar.Tak sempat pon nak melabuh punggung yg lebar ni kat sofa yang empuk tu.Kesian tv baru aku,takleh nak layan langsung.Haishh.

Aku teruja,tapi sangat penat.Kan bagus kalo Wayan datang.Kasi urut satu badan,perghh syurga.
Walau camne pon,aku tetap bergumbira minggu lepas.Sangat!
Nurul datang all the way dari Sabah.Aku mmg takleh elak dari tidak menghabiskan masa dengan dia.

Seronok gile! Gile pon tak seronok camni! Its been 10 years ago since our last met.Terharu!

Pada masa yang sama,aku sibuk pindah rumah.Proses yg sgt lembap.Ting tong ngan developer yg nak mampos lambat betulkan defect.Nak je aku sepak kasi cepat sikit gerak.Ishh macam2 hal la nak pindah ni.Malas nak cite lebih lanjut.Esok pon tak abis kang.

Camne pon,yg paling penting..proses projek baru berjalan lancar so far.Hampir 80% dah.fuh fuhhh.sikit lagi sikit lagi.u can do it Nazz :)

Misi Gagal : Cekodok pisang kurang tepung+hangit.Amek ko~

Ehsan prop:Apple + Flash Stand kepunyaan Encik Geg~

Silence Treatment

Its been a while since my last post.Gile lama..tgk org update blog rase mcm nak update gak.Rindu kat blog.Missed the people,wonder if the people/followers miss me too.[Poyo je ayat-macam la ade org follow kau sangat Nazz]

Feel like so many things I wanna spill out on this post but oppss I can't do that yet.Not until I've finished everything.Haish..can't wait,to tell u guys. *excited*.2010 has been so great for me so far,the thrill,the adventure,the sadness and the happiness all mixed and combined well and has created the best spark in my life. ^_^

Knowing that I'm having so many good people around who always made me happy is satisfying enough *smug*.
I don't need more.Pull stop.The supports and feeling of togetherness despite of the distance from each other,I feel great.Never feel better.

And I know something,if we give the best to strive and work so hard without thinking or expecting too much,with honest and whole-heart - Allah will pay back.In a good way.I must say,I feel so tiny when talking about Him.I know I don't do much for Him yet I've asked too much. *humble*

This is a reminder to myself : Nazz,be good to people,if u want people to do the same to u.Remember, what comes around,goes around.You'll see soon.Everything will be paid off.

Semangat,semangat! *gedik* [mcm geg]

I know,this pix mmg freak gile.
What the hell :P


Its Saturday and besides being outside hanging out with friends,I chose to stay at home~working on with numbers,calculation,possibilities,statistic,prospectus and plans.

Sounds boring,I know.But I really hope that this time will be paid off soon it has been launched.
I'll be in busy hands.I'll be enjoying skipping meal and running here and there like hell,I guess.
My lines will be soon jammed with calls in and texts received.
I'll be needing a pair of extra hands.
Those are expectations,and I hope it'll happen very soon.

But first thing first,I'm looking forward for the sourcing session.Mijie and Geg will be joining.
Harap2 Encik Cameraman will be bringing on the gun to shoot together while sourcing out so that kami bole cam-whoring sambil bekerja ::kelip2 mata-buat muke come:::

Seems that this entry wont be having a good ending..
Good Day all.

To be continued..

Closing - Opening

I guess I was too late for my last 2009 post and I can simply say that this would be my very first post for 2010.
Well,its better than never.Was too busy back then until I hardly pause and catch my breathe.
Too bad that I missed so much for last few weeks ..I miss u guys,i miss blogging,blogwalking,fb-eing,ym-eing..

2009 had been a tremendous and challenging year to me.I had evolved a lot.Adding another few wrinkles on my face,and I bet I'm gonna easily catch the back-ache while seating on my workstation with the stack of my workload files in my process of getting old.Time keep rolling on.The bad-sad,good-happy-laughing-smile time were attaching to each other.Hey that's life.

I dont have exact resolutions for new year.I believe that resolution can be anytime you want.Its just that either you wanna make it happen or not.Life is about choosing the good or bad option.And hell why too busy picking up your new resolutions since you havent finish those you have started earlier.

I only do the best I can and pray for the best result.
I do the best and God do the rest.

To all of my dearie friends;
Wish You Guys a Blessed 2010 and May It Brings Miracles to Us~ Cheers!