delayed post~

It was held on last sunday.yes its like 3 days ago.been bz but i keep reminding myself that i must make sure that this one is posted.

i woke up as early as the morning prayer and full of excitement and joy to run that morning.for the sake of my late auntie who had suffer frm SLE (blood cancer) and my grandma who's a survivor of breast cancer~ i wonder if the chinese blood that run in my body does contribute to this cancer thingy.God plz forbid the monster out frm my body!~

i drove the car out frm the 'roundabout town' as early 7.30am with my sister next to me and manage to reach PJ-JayaOne at 8am sharp.we were few minutes behind the others.the run has been started sharp at 8am.whooaa~ seb bek bawak keta cam kapal terbang.luv luv the white gajah,super fast!~ hehe

it was a peaceful morning,cool breeze.very very fresh.huh~lame tak buat camni.i mean exercise early in the morning.but this time is more meaningful.pass by every memorable places mase mude2.haisshhh bestnye :) terigt time dating2 ngan tutttttt haha.comel~

that McD is stil there,that very controversial Jamal Rest is still there.haisshhh~

then i met with this boy.he's handicap.i think he can hardly walk step of his is like 20steps of mine.yeah..that hard.but he took the challenge and was one of the participants.salute~i was really touched (berkaca kaca bijik mata-takmo nanges takot contact lense tanggal je) seeing him with all the hardness to are one brave heart :)

the view was great guys,i think its not how successful the run was.but its how big was the heart of the each participant (hey i didnt say this bcoz i joined this run ok) to make an effort to wake up early in the morning,throw their money to the fund and penat2 lari.bukan ade org pon recognize the effort pon. but i feel lucky to b one of them.i think i made the right decision.i'll do this again next year~

..and the journey begins :)

So these are called happen that i found it at tesco with a very very cheap price.obviously i couldnt resist from buying gile.guys,plz keep updating coz many more tempting updates are gonna b on the post soon.heheheh~ *wink

spill the beans out~

L.I.F.E..G.O.E.S..O.N~that's what people always say.indeed its true but it never ends there,i belief once that its been broken,the hatred,the grunge,the anger,the sadness,the pain,will always remain there.mayb it wont appear on the surface,but the presence can never be denied.

sometimes life juz being not fair.sometimes i feel that being the bad guy is cooler than being the angel.sometimes i feel the other way around.however,i alwaz ended up being the stupid one,the so-called 'baik-innocent-angel-percaya'.then,after that happen ~ i feel like 'killing-terajang-sepak-sampai-mampos'.but then again,i ended up 'senyap+bengang+grunge+benci'.

its really hard rupanya to play the devil role.NOT EASY.apetah lg bile kite ada pertalian darah.i hate when people play around.if u have something to say,say it rite to my face.i can take it.but if i ever heard it frm someone else,that'll be VERY BAD.SO WRONG.that means u wanna messing around with me.and its a BIG NO.BIG MISTAKE.depan mmg malaikat abis.pijak semut tak mati,kalo bleh comolot pon aku sure dia comolot.takyah la renti kan je.aku dah tahu dah sume2 niat tak baik ko ngan kutukan cela ko semua.sia sia je menaruh kepercayaan kat ko.ambil kesempatan,ko mmg nomor satu.bole blah la weh.tak hadap la ngan ko!~

tp tula kan.tuhan ni kaya dan Maha Adil.apela sgt kudrat manusia nak membalas manusia yg lain.doa byk2,sape yg betul akan dapat pertolonganNya.Amen.

Enuf said~

Let's Quack!~

Lets not say much.Refer leaflet kat bawah tu.

1. Q. What is this run organize for?
A. This Quacky Run is organized to increase the awareness among
public on how important to

fight the cervical/breast cancer.

2. Q. Why should i join this Quacky Run?
A. To show your support how important to have the awareness to fight cervical/breast cancer,regardless you're a man or a woman.
*another answer could be because I'm gonna b the emcee of the
event (kot)
ahah giler btol aku accept job ni

3. Q. How can i join this run?
A. Please darling,refer to the leaflet.Or,logon to the website
address enclosed below:


Bukan senang kot aku nak rase down.Bcoz i'm kinda 'pegi mamps same korg' jenis punye org.But today,i feel a bit down.I miss my best friends,i miss the moment we've spent time together.Terjal sesama,fly time.Tipu warden.
Mengampu pak guard.Melawan mak guard.Tiru project/drawing org.Goreng nasi kat hostel pakai dapo gas camping sampai satu level 9 can smell it haha gile!~Overnite kat Jamal pastu melepak kat depan Jaya Store-Sec14.Those were sweet time-mude,sewel dan berani tak hengat.

Ouh ade lg best dr tu kot.Time tu bulan pose,and 5 of us masuk KFC pasal nak beli lunch.Al-kisah konon sume tak pose la-cuti.Yg lawaknye bukan kite yg tersipu sipu kan,tp abg KFC tu yg malu-malu kucing siam bungkus ayam utk kite huhuu~ Igt lg mase kite sume makan kat San Francisco,pastu bungkus pinggan mangkuk ngan teko2 sekali bawak balik hostel.Sumpah kalo get caught mmg abis la riwayat kite.Tp kite selamat kan? haha.

Bile time ptg2,abg2 senior main bola kat padang mengadap depan tingkap hostel..kite dok mengenyam suweett diorg.haaha.bile warden selongkar lemari baju n found those hugging shirt,kena la soal sgt terbaik la bile kite jawab tu sume baju adik kite terbawak pegi hostel.gile bodo nak mamps haha.haih~ how i miss being young again.

Seriously,i feel that i'm getting old.Haih~ i'm the old lady Haih~

Last week update~

Hmm..last week was super bz and kinda killing me.Well,not really that killing bcoz despite of all the hardness,the craziness running here and there,i enjoy it very much being with my silly and 'gile-sewel-nak-mampos' cousins.terbaek wok!~ It was a long last minute preparation for my dear older cousin - Anas Marhalim's wedding with his spouse,Siti Maisara.It was held at Dewan Felda Merak Kayangan and it's once in a lifetime xperience for me to handle the event as an emcee.Yes,u heard me the first time,i was the emcee of the event (skali dgn Geg,the groom's best fren - jgn kate aku tak sebut nama kau ye Geg) Alhamdulillah that everything was planned well and turned out good~yg paling penting kite enjoy! So guys enough said,jom tgk gamba. -a picture speaks a thousand ade byk gamba kire la bape ribu patah words jadiknye huhu.count it urself! :P

and the story begins..

Welcome Everybody.
Its a pleasure to have u guys here and plz do always come over :)
Well,this is so-called my first entry on this blog..i hope that i manage to keep updating frm time by time and i promise u guys its gonna be adventurous and interesting.
It's all about me and true story which is clinging on my life.
Its gonna make u guys smile,laugh with me and feel the sadness and anger of mine
(so plz bare with it)

Until we meet again; Be good and take care ya!~
In my elements;NazZ