New Series

Its been quite sometimes and here I am again.Try not to giving up I force myself to write again.
I've got lots of stories to tell you guys but I aint got time to make it happen (for all of it) so,I picked the best to be shared with.

I'm settling down in my new 'castle' and I felt so relief that at last everything is over.No more hustle of moving things.Packing and unpacking from one to another different place.

Alhamdulillah the 'Doa Selamat House Warming' was a big success.Sampai tak sempat amek gamba,bz teramat sgt.Happy giles when my girls able to make it to come! Suke sgt! Thanx darlings!

 Not to forget families.Thanx for being here with me,celebrating. :)

The next day,was a blast.despite of the power supply failure - we had fun tho'.tula,always look things at bright side.Kitorg picnic kat park sebelah umah which is one minute away from my gate :D
Thats the idea of having a house next to a park. (Plan B purposes)

maaf.dgn seluar tido :P

I will come again with more stories to tell.I promise.See you again ok :)

Wira Hitam~

Gile kot.Aku la.Cerita dia camni:

Situation A:
I parked my car in this one super top hypermarket in Malaysia.
I was in a bad n hard time having a heavy argument over the phone and there was a black Wira came and parked right next to my car,very close.I ignored.
I saw a skinny and specky guy in the car (once told myself;bole lepas kot dia bukak keta ni,pasai kurus) right after I finished saying that,BANG!! there was a loud sound of him smashing his car door to my car.Urgh! I was like,WTF.Tapi tgh sibok talking on phone I just forgive him (ckp dlm ati:dia tak sengaja kot)

Situation B:
An hour had passed,and I'm still on phone..that guy came back.Carrying a file along,look rushing.Or I can say cam pissed off kot.Ntah2 jumpe client tak close.BANG!! BANG!!
Again! This time for two times.Aku mcm celaka haram mamat ni!
So,with the phone still on with me..I quickly moved to the next sit and scrolled down the window and harshly knocked on his window (see,I told u the car was so close sampai takyah turun keta.Imagine that!)
Dia pun turunkan tingkap.Looking at me.Heartless.Muke dia mmg cam haram.Then I asked him in a high tone 'Apsal u slammed pintu kat keta i kuat2?Dah skali u keluar u masuk keta u slammed 2 kali lg.ape cite?'
And dia dgn muke kering jawab 'sori ok' then trus tutup tingkap.Apologizing with cynical tone.P*****k btol.
Sorry camtu je?? i replied. rase cam nk turun tumbuk dia.Then with cynical tone and look lg skali dia ckp 'sori,abis tu nak ckp ape lg??' sambil naikkan tingkap dia.
Pastu aku pon membebel la sorg2 sambil ckp to myself  'kurang ajar btol mamat ni' -moving my lips without a dia baca gerak bibir aku,and he quickly bukak balik tingkap dia.and we had a dialogue:

Mamat poyo: U ckp i kurang ajar?

Aku             : tak btol ke?dah la buat salah,minta maap pon mcm tu.u dont have to be cynical to me ok by asking me back 'abis tu nak ape lg?'.Kalo i slam keta u mesti u bengang lg teruk dr i.u tak nmpk ke org dlm keta.suke ati slam2 pintu kat keta org.

Mamat poyo: I tak nmpk ok.Kite ni org melayu ade adab,dah mintak maap.Abis u nk i buat mcm mana lg?

Aku :Oh funny la encik u talking about adab org melayu.u should have said sorry n just leave.obviously u takde adab.maap la ckp.dlm ati (mmg la ko kurang aja,kalo org takde dlm keta ko slam je la ikut suke ati mak bapak kau.tak respek harta org.mampos la kau)

Mamat poyo: he stared at me like a la aku takut. then dia ckp 'I igt u pompuan je i tak buat ape2 kat u while pointing his index finger to me..kalo tak dah lame dah' then pulling his head out the window,reversed the car n copied my plat number.

Aku: did exactly the same,jotting down his plat number too.before that sempat ckp kat dia.'u igt u sorg jela leh amek nomor keta i.i can do that too ok' so the Black Wira is W*Y 7017

I dont know where i got that guts nk marah dia.Normally I could not be bother with things like this.But its just wrong place,bad timing.Sorry la Mat.Its a good lesson to you too.Regardless org ade ke tak ke dlm keta tu,respect la sket.I believe u demand people to do the same to ur things jugak kan.Aku tau la,ko pon beli keta pakai duit kan,bukan kutip keta tu free tgh jalan.

Lesson learned:

1-nk marah org (esp. lelaki jgn turun keta)
2-unless u berani enuf that the place is secured dgn org yg ramai around u then baru bole wat samseng ye
3-always have pen n note pad in ur car if u have no good memory to u can record anything important if anything get worst.
4-jadi pompuan tak semesti takut lelaki.kalo kite btol,why not.