I'm the Gallery of Broken Hearts

Devastated.thats the only word that can describe my feeling now.I barely can lift up my face,I've lost all the strength.
I hardly can get up.I'm a looser.

I've no more grudge or anger,all left in me is frustration.There's nothing much I can do.I've lost the battle.
Picking up the pieces which seems even smaller this time..almost impossible to collect the dust and mend it back to the shape I always wanted.

How I wish,sometimes I feel like I wanna have a long sleep and I dont have to open the eyes for the next cruel day.I've cried and let the tears run down through my face,but none could wash the regret of being kind.Not a single drop can heal the deep cut in me.

Smiling feels like hell now.It even makes the pain worst.I dont think anything works out now.
Somebody has thrown me from a very very high place,and broke myself into a very very small pieces.
I've lost few pieces of mine,and I'm not so sure if I still wanna have those missing parts.

The truth is,I'M LOST

p/s:anyway,this is not a suicide note 




kerolizwan said...

starch UP!...jgn emo emo. jgn sedey sedey..let Yellow colours you :)

i luv everything bout your new look.
be it the template, the song, the font, just love it!

it suits you well

life is like that nazz :D

Nazz said...

kerol: hadoi,i know that ur comment suppose to cheer me up instead i nangis plak haha~gile mode

i hold it too long.i hope it will heal by time.yeahh kerol,life's like that.haisshhh~

arghh..apsal tah jd looser camni.takpe.SEMANGAT2.YELLOW2 :P

hey i love the new look too.rase so refresh.yeah its new me.get the new feel??

thx a lot kerol :)

Anonymous said...

ya i like it more duh...really nice n simple but look trendy...neway cheer up k...let it pass...ya life is alwys like that n we have to get trough all the obstacle ahead in life n move on..

Nazz said...

anonymous: thx whoever u are.next time put la ur name.so that i have a name to call u la dear.so that i know who;s this caring person.thx thx :)

f.a.r.a.h said...

nazz! cheer up. life can be so hard sometimes. it's up for us how 2 face this mean world. ;)

actually, mending the broken heart is not an easy job. just have faith in yourself and everything will be ok! ;)

take good care of yourself dear!

Nazz said...

farah: ouh how i wish u were here with.we can cry on together i think huhu :)

thx for all the good says n ur concern dear.its pleasure to know such a kind person like u.luv u more :)

u too take care tau!

p/s:at least i know we have each other.rite?

f.a.r.a.h said...

yup. yup.

we have each other.

even virtual, tapi feels like da knal lame aite? ;)

happy2 la u. ;)

Nazz said...

farah: indeed darling.rase cam i alwaz have good people surrounded me n wanna listen to me.n u,can be my best buddy hehe.thx for being there

kite hepi hepi together k!~