i wish i have a wishing well :P

''between the wish and the thing,life lies waiting''


i believe so,i was about to post about how i wish the time to fly fast but kerol has got it first.
takpe ar.tak tiru eh tak tiru eh.was two steps behind. :P

i wish december will come sooner.the new house is ready.only few days left to collect the key.ouh i wish i wish.

not juz that,i'm damn excited to be in the new project..december come sooner,come sooner.i can hear the bling bling is getting near.i wish i wish.

and i hope another 6 months will be good with luck and prosperous,more money to create...Air Asia got a good deal on their online tickets now.so next destination is Bandung!~
i wish i wish :)

and hell yeah.i need W.I.S.H for my new ride.biar pimp!~



f.a.r.a.h said...

haha. i'm planning to book mine too. bru je browsed. u nk pegi jugak?

ayuh! haha ;)

Nazz said...

yep yep.like 6 months frm now.haha~ yukk ~_^

f.a.r.a.h said...

hahaha! i jz went bandung last june. so x rase excited sgt la. haha ;)

Nazz said...

farah:must know something about me darling.i'm alwaz excited about almost anything hahah~