New Series

Its been quite sometimes and here I am again.Try not to giving up I force myself to write again.
I've got lots of stories to tell you guys but I aint got time to make it happen (for all of it) so,I picked the best to be shared with.

I'm settling down in my new 'castle' and I felt so relief that at last everything is over.No more hustle of moving things.Packing and unpacking from one to another different place.

Alhamdulillah the 'Doa Selamat House Warming' was a big success.Sampai tak sempat amek gamba,bz teramat sgt.Happy giles when my girls able to make it to come! Suke sgt! Thanx darlings!

 Not to forget families.Thanx for being here with me,celebrating. :)

The next day,was a blast.despite of the power supply failure - we had fun tho'.tula,always look things at bright side.Kitorg picnic kat park sebelah umah which is one minute away from my gate :D
Thats the idea of having a house next to a park. (Plan B purposes)

maaf.dgn seluar tido :P

I will come again with more stories to tell.I promise.See you again ok :)


f.a.r.a.h said...

wooowww! congrates dear! haha. isk,isk. best sguh da able beli rumah sendiri. takpe2. tgu lagi 5 tahun i pon nak ade umh sndiri. i buat u idol i. haha. miss u too la!! ;)

Nazz said...

tq sayang! miss u more!!