Food Parade Part 2~


Homemade Meatballs Spaghetti. 


Classic Marble Cake




Peanut Butter Brownies Cookies

I better take more precaution this time.Because I'm afraid that there'll be people who gonna be chasing me around to kill me.Ahax~ wekkk


Judiene said...

ohhhh not again!
you know what, i'm the one who gonna chase you and kick your a$$
no no no
what a harsh thing to do to a girl

Nazz said...

judiene: hiks~ tau takpe.weekkk

Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

sedapnya nampak... share resipi boleh..isk, droolinggggg

f.a.r.a.h said...

u sngaje je tau!!!!

Nazz said...

cherrie:bole2 mau yg mane?let me know nnt i kasi resipi :)

farah:takkan u pon benci i kot hehe~u sayang i kan :P

kerolizwan said...

puhleez puhleez puhleez
i want some
nak nak nak nak

Nazz said...

kerol: hmmm i'll think about it :P

f.a.r.a.h said...

if compare kan u dgn makanan yg buat drooling nih :

i choose foooooood! hahaha.

nak! nak! ;)

Nazz said...

farah:cett podah!